Tendai Chimuseu: Trainee

My name is Tendai Chimuseu , coming to BinaryBaby Trading Institution was a course correction for me. Prior to that I had started trading and had lost my account and was discouraged and almost stopped trading.
When i heard about BinaryBaby Trading Institution I decided to join the November weekend class that just rounded up this January. After the class I regained my confidence and decided to give trading a try again, and from the 1st of February l resumed trading i have only had one loss out of 8 trades.

From the training I learned that critical to becoming a successful Forex trading is money management, ability to manage our emotions among others.My take away is to focus on successful trades and not money aspect in order to build a solid trading strategy.

I recommend BinaryBaby Trading Institution to any aspiring Forex trader and people who have already started trading but are still finding it difficult to manage his or her trades. BinaryBaby Trading Institution provides its students with a solid foundation to start unlike what is obtainable from Forex brokers.