Orientation Class

Congratulations and welcome to BinaryBaby Forex Trading Institution, we promise and believe you will have a great time with us, our academy is designed to fill up the vacuum of KNOWLEDGE GAP in the Forex market trading. We would equip you with a practical trading skill set from our experience so far. We have passed through the rough road of the industry, we believe we have what it takes to make you a successful and profitable trader.

Our vision is to raise leaders in the Forex market, from experience it will be difficult to succeed in the Forex market if you are not ready to lead yourself and learn to do the right things, it will be difficult to lead or manage others if you have not developed leadership capacity. From our academy you would become two in one person (leader and trader).

What are the Characteristics of a LEADER? True worth of a LEADER is from his/her CHARACTER.

Leaders are LEARNER, always investing in acquiring knowledge. A man must develop himself to the extent that what matters to him is knowledge BANK, for instance if there should be a fire outbreak at home, the most important thing to him will be how to safe lives regardless of the material possession in that apartment, superior idea would be that the knowledge (intangible) that produces those material is safe as he can reproduce what as been lost.

Leaders are COMMITTED

Leaders have sense of DIVINE TIMING


Leaders knows and focus on what is IMPORTANT

Leaders have VISION

Leader Connect with people and have POSITIVE ATTITUDE and MINDSET

Leader are WINNER etc.

Above are a few of the characteristics of an exemplary leader. You may be asking in your mind, are we in leadership academy? YES of course. As you proceed in your trading career, the above points will be speaking and asking you questions and UNTIL you could provide an answer and agree to cultivate those CHARACTER, as they are PRINCIPLES that would guide you through. SEE YOU SUCCEEDING.


Dear Students I would like to ask you and you establish why do you want to learn and trade Forex?

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. You must know and have a genuine reason why you enroll for our academy, establishing that becomes your PURPOSE.

Check my personal purposes that drives my trading business and kindly develop your own in your safe trading journal

Love trading and investment

Be my own boss and be in control of my time

Love working from anywhere and making money online.

Means of creating a legitimate wealth

Don’t like compromise



Forex trading cannot make you rich overnight, trading is like every other business, you need to learn, gather experience and then build a strategy. Also you have to develop the mental stamina to manage your emotions.


Forex market is not a scam and is not for lazy, gambler and greedy people, it’s an industry of intelligent and disciplined set of people i.e. banks, financial institutions, fund managers. If Forex is a scam there won’t be any regulatory bodies, there won’t be a free demo account to practice, brokers would have insisted you must fund your account and trade your own money.


From personal experience you cannot make money every day trading Forex, forget about all false advertisements online, TV and Medias. For instance, the owner of a store will not be able to tell you how much he could make daily, same thing with Forex trading. Is the global economy that produces the opportunity to make money but it doesn’t happen all day and you cannot force the market to vomit what is not there, you must wait for a set up before you can make money.


That was years back, now there is a room for a retail trader, banks are only your competitor and for you to trade with banks worldwide you must develop a skill set.



As a newbie you cannot trade with mobile and succeed, what you are trading is the global economy, you can only succeed by having enough data and that is what forms your trading chart, as our students we compel you to have a laptop or desktop to be able to have access to clear data. You will be able to use a mobile phone only when you have become professional, please don’t fall victim.